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Hennessy T

Breeder: A. Toonen

April 2016 – Hennessy T and Darren Hicks win the Keysoe Premier League 4yo qualifier on 82%

A repeat of the cross that produced the top mare foal in Holland in 2010.

Hennessy T is from a top sport and production family, number 218.

The predicates of his mother line confirm generations of quality dating back to 1960 and are rarely seen in such abundance.

Mother Senaat is a keur sport(drs) mare who is by the influential Keur stallion Havidoff.

Havidoff and his lineage are evident in many top dressage horses, including the 2012 stallion grading champion Everdale, who’s great grand mother is in fact the full sister of Havidoff.

Through his sire Clavicembel who was both a keur stallion and a grand prix competitor, the strength of Senaat’s paternal lines is evident.

He is himself a keur stallion and was an international dressage horse.C

Havidoff is shown to be influential in the maternal lines of top performing horses such as premium graded stallion Don Havidoff and Chinook.

He was also the maternal sire to the reserve KWPN champion Dude and the eventual winner of the 2011 performance test Desperado, both of whom were Vivaldi x Havidoff.

Havidoff is ranked 16th in the all time list of KWPN dressage stallions with an index of 147 reliability 92%

Mother Senaat was awarded the Keur predicate for her movement and conformation. She also received a sport(drs) predicate for her performance in the sport.

Her mother, Fanaat (Aktion keur x Nataly keur pref prest IBOP94 by Aktion keur) has the highest grading possible for mares of her age. She received the preferent predicate for Magnaat Elite, Senaat Keur Sport(drs), Radiant and Ultimaat Elite.

She received the prestatie predicate from Laureaat PSG, Magnaat Z2 and Senaat Z2.

Nataly keur pref prest IBOP s by Irco Polo (Marco Polo pref x Lottie B model pref prest by Sinaeda pref) and from the preferent mare Bamira.

Sire Vivaldi (Krack C x Jazz) was awarded 100/100 by guest rider Carl Hester at the 2005 KWPN testing.

KWPN stallion test report 2005

Walk 8.5 Trot 8.5 Canter 9.0 Model as a Dressage Horse 8.5

Pavo CUP WINNER  5-year-old dressage horses 2007

Vivaldi was ridden by guest rider Carl Hester and Seth Bosman who gave the maximum total of 100 points!!

From one start in 2007 at KWPN / KNHS Stallion Competition Class M he won by a huge margin.


  • Winner KWPN / KNHS Stallion Competition Hengelo Class Z.
  • Winner KWPN / KNHS Stallion Competition Roosendaal Class Z.
  • Winner KWPN / KNHS Stallion Competition Zuidbroek Class Z.


  • Winner KWPN /KNHS Stallion Competition Winner Overall Class Z.

In Vivaldi the best of the Dutch dressage breeding  comes together. He has inherited movement from both his sire and damsire, Krack C and Jazz respecitvely.

The two Grand Prix stallions’ children are doing remarkably well in the sport. Also with grandfather Ulft we see the basis for many good dressage horses from the Ferro line.

KWPN Report 

  • Vivaldi is a large developed stallion representing an excellent long lined model. He is built uphill and with an attractive front.
  • Vivaldi is an honest and reliable stallion with a strong work ethic.
  • The paces are clean, spacious and have flexibility.
  • The horse is well supported, has flexibility and good use of the leg. The rear leg is bent and very active and quick.
  • The canter is uphill, forward and ground covering. He has excellent rideability.

Hans Peter Minterhoud commented, “Vivaldi never stops trying, he is keen and easy in his work, he is currently working on piaffe at home.”

He is the sire of his new young horse Vitalis.


As a foal he was simply breathtaking, and as a ridden competition horse is equally so.

Described in the national championship final, by rider judge Eve Möller as ``my kind of horse``

Hennessy will be campaigned during 2017 by Darren Hicks.