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Nutrition you can count on for the very best performance
Through our retail arm - Equitain - Lickley Horses is one of the Uk's largest stockist of Cavalor horse feed and supplements.


We always have large stocks of the most common products, and indeed our competition horses (and liveries) are fed on this.


Cavalor is very different to UK manufactured feeds or supplements. We have a large nutritional blog section in Equitain which goes into detail about all of the products and their benefits.


To visit this go to


We also provide dedicated feeding and supplement advice through Equitain on 01902 213483


Rob is the point of contact for all of these products. With 25+ years experience in sport horses at the very highest level and a degree in Medical biochemistry he is ideally positioned to cut through the marketing and get to the root cause of any problems you may be having. You can contact him on the above number.

Through Equitain we provide a very comprehensive blog on nutrition for both PAVO and Cavalor