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Indirava LH


Indirava LH

Lord Leatherdale x Tarava (elite Sport(dr)) by Negro (pref) x Nendyrava (elite pref prest sport(dr)) by Romancier (elite) x Wendy (ster pref prest) by Pericles xx
Fokfamilie 1330

A stunning filly from a proven top performance line.

Indirava LH is the full sister to Fritz Rava who recently scored 87.5% in her IBOP and made the news of the KWPN website.

KWPN report – “The mare (Fritz Rava) walks with a pure gait, very actively and with good body use. She trots with lots of leg technique and up through the shoulder. She is a very complete 3 year old mare that moves with great posture and balance. Walk – 8.5, Trot – 9, Canter – 8.5, Suppleness – 8.5, Poise and Balance – 9, Ride ability – 9, Potential – 9.

Mother Tarava is an Elite Sport(dr) mare who competed to PSG level and has a breeding index of 179 which put her in 23rd place in the KWPN rankings in 2012 and the highest ranked Negro mare in the world.

Tarava has proven herself in sport and is now a matter of a result away from becoming preferent and prestatie and thus confirming her position as the number 1 daughter of Negro in the world.