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Imposant LH

Everdale x Marybelle (elite sport(dr) pref prest) by Contango (pref) x Gera (ster pref prest) by Ulft (keur) x Osca (ster pref prest) by Fresco
Motherline 30, Moukje-stam, fokfamilie 278

From the very best of dam lines, the stunning colt descends from one of the best mares in Holland.

2016 Sold to Dutch grand prix rider Laurens van Lieren

Rarely do you get the chance to see much less own a colt with a pedigree such as this.

The combination of probably the most promising young stallion in Europe in the PAVO and KWPN stallion champion Everdale meets with the proven motherline of Marybelle.

Already the mother of 3 FEI horses, elite mares and the approved stallion Westenwind, Marybelle has given this colt the best genetic start possible.

The motherline continues at “Preferent” level back to 1967! Nearly 50 years of performance horses.