Lickley Horses | Diana 1053
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Diana 1053

Diana 1053 (Hanoverian Elite | KWPN ster prok)

Don Frederico x Wanderin (StPr) by Walker x Message (hsb) by Mister A x Dixa
Hannover stamm 557

Super blood lines from the hanoverian stamm 557 she is an Elite (UK equivalent of State Premium) mare.

In addition, in September 2011 she was admitted into the KPWN studbook and immediately given the ster predicate. She has now completed the health requirements for the KWPN and is also awarded the PROK for her x-ray results.

Diana is by Don Frederico (Donnerhall) – the Hanoverian stallion with an incredible dressage index of 160 98% reliability. He graded 2nd in his year and in now ranked number 1 for dressage at Celle with a breeding index of 147.

The lines of Donnerhall are now becoming more important than Weltmeyer, with 13 of the top 43 stallions on the “Topliste Dressur” now coming from the D-Line.

Some notable and current horses by Don Frederico include the Small Tour horse Don Diego and the Grand Prix horse Don Johnson. There are obviously many many more to justify his number 1 position.

Mother Wanderin is a state premium mare by Walker – and has also produced two other state premium offspring.

Diana was “donated” to Robert as a brood mare when the team had to concentrate on breaking and producing our 2005 year group of 6 youngsters.

She will now remain as a foundation mare in the dressage breeding programme.

First foal born in 2010 – Black filly, Denica by Deniro

Second foal born in 2011 – Black colt, Graffiti LH by Negro

Third foal born in 2013 – Bay colt, Ice LH by Chippendale

Fourth foal born in 2014 – Bay filly, Juniper LH by Netto

Fifth foal botn in 2015 – Black filly, Keera LH by Fairytale

In foal 2016 to Glamourdale