Lickley Horses | Breeding
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We select proven mare lines, excellent conformation and sport performance in our choice of breeding mares.

Our programme strategy could not be more simple.

We use stallions we are familiar with for the most part – keeping an open mind about new stallions coming onto the market.

We select the stallions both for their sport but also temperament and breeding characteristics that complement the mare.

Our horses are bred and purchased with a long term view and the sole aim of competing at FEI level.

In addition, each year we make at least 5 trips to Holland looking at youngsters and foals.

We purchase a minimum of one new foal each year with either something different to offer our programme, or to complement our existing horses.

We prefer to go direct to the breeders as we have to see them with the mare to assess her ability as well.

These trips are an ideal opportunity to let us know what you are searching for.

If you want us to find your next superstar please use the form below to contact us, or give us a call anytime.

Check out our history to see that we know what we are talking about!