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Breeders Trip April 2011

Breeders Trip April 2011

Our spring breeders trip in 2011 would concentrate on cementing relationships and reviewing our existing blood line choices.

Back to the origins of Amazing

Pedigree (Hamlet x Goodwill)

With this in mind we started the weekend setting out north west from Eindhoven to visit the breeders of one of our best horses so far – Amazing.

We saw Pedigree, Amazing’s mother, and also a very nice Negro mare in foal to Lord Leatherdale.

Pedigree is a combination of dressage and jumping producer – and this year is in foal to the fantastic young stallion Bustique – jointly owned by Stal Hendrix and Lothlorian farms (Canada). More on him later.

Feature image of this post is Pedigree out in the field in the summer.


Looking to the future for our dressage horses

Chapter Leatherdale

One of the big bloodlines to watch in Dutch dressage, in our opinion, is Lord Leatherdale x Negro. We saw many super examples of this cross on our travels – including the Van Olst’s unbelievable stallion Chippendale and another young horse (personally top of my would like list!) Chapter Leatherdale. (12-07-11 – now qualified PAVO cup)

Fortunately we were not to be disappointed in this respect as always up to the mark our breeder friends had just what we were looking for.

In foal for birth this year a super model of a mare (Negro) in foal to Lord Leatherdale.

We will be looking forward to seeing the photos of this foal when it is born later this summer.


Van Olst Stallion Show


Negro keur

What a treat to be at this stallion show – with a very influential selection of stallions standing.

The highlight was Negro and his offspring. An incredibly imposing horse – a real sire – and not difficult to see where the stamp comes from in his offspring.

We saw them from foals to the much older ridden horses. Every single one looked like his offspring. With so much quality and the super movement we have come to expect from him. I cant say every single horse is like this – but for a sire the percentages must be staggering.

Negro will most likely become one of the most important producers of dressage horses we have seen.



In jumping, without a doubt Bustique is one of the most exciting young horses I have seen in a very long time.


I was lucky enough to see him early in 2010 and immediately recommended him to a friend in the UK who is breeding jumping horses.

To actually see him you would understand the presence he has.

Not only does he combine unbelievable pedigree for jumping, he has scope to burn and a super temperament.

A display of some of his foals clearly illustrated his quality.

A Bustique Foal

They have super presence and a really nice way of going. I cant wait to see the next couple of years foals along with the first ridden.


One of his owners, an old friend of mine Paul Hendrix, is without a doubt one of the masters of jumping blood. He has hit a winner with this one for what my humble opinion is worth.

If you want to breed a jumper whilst the price is still a not so crazy €900 there is no where else to look.

A small price to pay for a small piece of the the horse that sold at the KWPN select sales as a 3 year old for €220,000!


Lord Leatherdale x Negro

Negro mare in foal to Lord Leatherdale

Some of my money is going on this cross and that is for sure.

The several I have seen have a possessed varying proportions of both genetically strong stallions.

My ideal cross would be the head of Negro and the legs of Lord Leatherdale (keeping it simple!)

I found this in the very much “not for sale!” Chapter Leatherdale who’s image is above as is a short clip in the video.

Many breeders immersed in these blood lines are replicating this cross. Some excellent mares including one we also had the privilege to see – Tarava (Negro x Romancier) – have nice Lord Leatherdale foals.

(12-06-11 Purchased this foal Gullit)


Some video!

Not just the easiest thing to film from where I was sat – apologies for the quality – but hopefully a taster of the wonderful day we had.


In Summary

Jumping – look for some of the super yearlings by Bustique – if you want one!

Dressage – snap up anything Lord Leatherdale x Negro – especially when the cross looks like it produced a balanced version of them both!


  • Alice
    Posted at 14:49h, 10 May Reply

    Great, have chosen LL for my Troy (Negro) mare this year so hope for the head of Negro and the legs of LL!

    • RobLickley
      Posted at 14:58h, 10 May Reply

      Perfect. Hope it happens. I am waiting for the same!

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