Lickley Horses | Ber ST is the one to watch again
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Ber ST is the one to watch again

Ber ST is the one to watch again

From all the horses that competed in the North West regional finals, Ber ST and Nicky are selected as the ones to watch from the show.

This is the second time that Ber has made this prestigious spot in the magazine.

“He will continue with his short break before getting back into work in a few days,” said Nicky. “I wont be taking him to Myerscough PL as I want to have all my attention on the next superstar – Dark Legend. It will be his very first show so who knows what could happen. Could be genius, could be a train wreck!”

“Hopefully we will get a trip down to Hartpury before the finals.I am undecided as to weather to take him to Keysoe before hand, but Addington is definitely on my schedule. It is so good for the young horses, the environment is perfect so the whole team will be there.”


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