Lickley Horses | Fairytale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) wins the KWPN performance test 2013
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Fairytale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) wins the KWPN performance test 2013

Fairytale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) wins the KWPN performance test 2013

(Ermelo), Saturday 1st June at the new KWPN centre in Ermelo the final examination took place for the 2013 Spring stallion evaluation..
The black Fairytale (v. Lord Leatherdale x Negro x Don Gregory x Rubinstein x Matador), scored a very impressive 86 points and was declared the new KWPN performance test champion for dressage 2013

The official report says:


Fairytale is a well developed stallion in the dressage type. His head is expressive and he has a good eye. The neck has good length with good shape and muscling. The wither is well developed and also has good length. The shoulder has good length and position. The back has good length and muscling. The loins are strong and well connected. The croup is long and has good position. The hanstring is of good length. The foreleg is more than sufficient in length and correct. The hind legs are correct. The pasterns are of good length and well set. A general view of him is that he is well developed and of good quality. The feed are a fraction small with high heels, right greater than left


Fairytale is a son of Lord Leatherdale. His mother Aida, a daughter of the preferent stallion Negro. Grandmother Ballerina II is also the mother of the KWPN stallion Diego. Ballerina II is a full sister of the stallion Don Ruto and is a daughter of Don Gergory (Donnerhall) from the mare Ballerina (Rubinstein I). Ballerina is also the mother of the approved stallion Royal Doruto (Royal Hit). The dam has a Trakehner origin and is continued with daughters of Matador, Carajan and Hirtensang. This is also the line of the preferent stallion Doruto.

Performance Report:

Fairytale is an honest and reliable stallion with a very good attitude. The stallion is very much willing to work and is working very well. The walk is clean, active and has lots of scope. The trot has much scope, lift and strength. The canter shows a lot of scope and power. In movement the stallion has a lot of self carriage and lift and shows good use of the body. AS a dressage horse Fairytale shows much talent and gives his rider a very good feeling.

Stable Behaviour:

Honest and reliable stallion, easy going and quiet in the stable

Breeding Advice:

Fairytale can add rideability, quality and strength to the dressage horse

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