Lickley Horses | A wonderful KWPN grading for Lickley Horses
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A wonderful KWPN grading for Lickley Horses

A wonderful KWPN grading for Lickley Horses

A day that began with high hopes and expectations delivered on all counts, a nice change for a day with horses!

To let you know from the outset, the KWPN grading show is not about flannel – it is about a true and sometimes cutting view on your horses. They don’t mess around and if it is rubbish they will tell you!

Starting with our wonderful Negro x Don Frederico colt Graffiti LH.

Graffiti LH impresses with his powerful canter

He put on a wonderful show and the KWPN grading committee commented on his good development and type.

Walk was given a good reach mark, the trot was sufficient reach with a powerful range of movement. The Canter was indicated as his best pace, with a good reach, powerful movement and nice posture and good balance.

Final comments – a good dressage type foal with a good front. 75 marks awarded and good enough for the reserve champion of the show and indeed reserve champion of all of the UK!

Diana 1053 was evaluated next. As a hanoverian mare we were anxious to get her approved by the KWPN studbook as we prefer to use dutch stallions.

Diana at the KPWN grading show

She showed herself off to a very high standard.

Achieving 70 for conformation and 75 for movement she not only did enough to become a studbook mare, she was immediately awarded the Ster predicate.

Final aim for the day was our new mare Tarava.

Already having proven herself in both the sport and breeding of competition horse, we were anxious she should get the highest accolade for a mare – Keur.

Tarava goes ELITE

Again she showed herself exceptionally well – a massive engaged trot with super hind leg.

She was immediately awarded the Keur predicate and thus by virtue of her current ster, prok, sport(dr) she became ELITE.

A super show with simply wonderful news on our fledgling dressage breeding programme.

A big thanks to the KWPN, all our Dutch friends and most importantly the horses and staff for doing such a wonderful job.

Diana will go back in foal early in 2012 – having decided to reset the cycle (getting later and later)

Tarava will be ridden until 2012 when we will decide to either carry on with her sport and do embryo with her, or put her back in foal herself.

See all the photos on our Flickr feed at

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